Based on the professional field of specialty healthcare in rare diseases, Excelsior Biopharma has been engaged in the development the awareness of rare diseases, poisoning intoxication, and specific diseases, distribution of orphan drugs for more than 20 years of experience.

Founded in 1988 with visions of professional and innovated services, integrity conducts and passion of humanity, Excelsior is a leading specialty pharmaceutical company in Taiwan. Our core business focus on commercial launch of orphan drugs, specialty medicines for pediatrics metabolic, genetic, and neurological diseases.

Our services has now expanded to hematology, dermatology, neurology, gastroenterology, anesthesia, nephrology, to better serve our patients and the medical community, to promote pharmaceutical products, medical devices, consumer products, food supplements in Taiwan.

With commitment and strong collaboration with partners, dedication and professionalism, Excelsior has successfully launched numerous products into local markets and accomplished superior growth with a complete service range of the company. That is how we earn the trust and respect from healthcare professionals and partners worldwide to extend our product portfolio. Our business partners include: Actelion, Shire, Takeda, Jazz, Recordati RareDiseases, Ferrer, Cabot etc.

We have continued to collaborate closely with relevant government agencies, medical societies, patient advocacy groups to provide disease and drug information, medical education and consultation through healthcare professionals, and support activities to patient advocacy groups to increase disease awareness, to help patients receive the appropriate healthcare and medication, and to improve their quality of life, to light up their lives and enjoy the happiness of life as we do.

Excelsior group holds to “the pursuit of excellence and beyond the peak”, and is committed to improving the organization; insurance and welfare system; providing employees with safe and fair job opportunities; establishing staff education and personnel training programs, continuous innovation; and surpass the peak in career.